Fountain Lighting

You’ve worked hard to ensure your lake positively represents you and your image. You’ve aerated your lake you’ve installed a fountain and kept it clean, but all those efforts are masked for about 12 hours under the veil of night.

However, any body of water has the potential to be transformed into an awe-inspiring oasis. Fountain lighting is a simple and fiscally responsible solution to this problem.
Fountain lights are fully customizable, which is key to ensure great ambience at a location.

Lakes and fountains can be lit using two different technologies: halogen lights, or LED (Light Emitting Diodes). LEDs are energy efficient, and provide white lights or RGB, which can provide a whopping 16 million different colors. Halogen lights are the traditional method and provide a recognizable warm, yellow hue.

Both lights require routine maintenance to insure optimal lighting, safety and continued operation. Placement of the lighting can have drastically different effects. Lighting can be used to attract attention to particular elements of a fountain or to generally light the entire fountain.

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