Pond Weed Damages

Every year local, state, and federal governments spend millions of dollars removing weeds from bodies of water to prevent future damages and maintain a beautiful environment. In the Southeast, pond weeds Potamogeton spp, and Naiads, Najas spp, are the most common forms of submerged weeds.

So why do these institutions go through the trouble of removing these weeds year after year? Aquatic weeds can harm your lake or pond regardless of the size. These weeds form dense collections underwater that overtime become harmful to the ecosystem and become more difficult to exterminate. Simple routine maintenance can prevent costly overgrowth repairs in your lake or pond.

There are, however, numerous ways to eradicate these aquatic weeds. Herbicide control programs can be administered, however it is important to first identify what kind of plant species it is.

Contact us today to receive a free quote to remove the weeds in your body of water.

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