The Importance of Your Aeration System

The circulation and aeration of water in stormwater ponds has several benefits that many  people are unaware of. A proper aeration system oxygenates the water and more importantly mixes the water to prevent stratification. 

Stratification occurs when the sun heats the top layers of the water while the deeper water remains cool. When these layers do no mix, the bottom cooler layers become depleted of oxygen due to organic decomposition. Meanwhile the warmer top layer of water receive too much oxygen and produces excess amounts of phystoplankton.

Stratification is extremely detrimental to the health of fish and other aquatic life, especially in smaller ponds. Stratification also creates the perfect conditions for a rapid turnover which results in fish kills because the fish suffocate from the lack of oxygen.

Contact a lake specialist to install or repair your aeration system if you fear your lake or pond may be experiencing stratification.


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