King Fahd’s Fountain

We’re kicking off the month of October with power, creativity and uniqueness by showcasing the world’s most powerful fountain of its kind: King Fahad’s Fountain. This world-record setting fountain is located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and is named after the man who donated the fountain back in 1980s.

The world-setting fountain is capable, on calm days, to propel water into the air up to a height of 1024 feet at an incredible 233 miles per hour! To accomplish this unique feat, the fountain relies on 3 high-powered pumps which draw their water from the Red Sea. Because the water is salty, the pump is maintained daily and has functioned free or major issues since 1985.

The pump works by drawing water into a special chamber which is regularly dried and annually coated with an anti-fouling paint used to prevent organic buildup. After the water is collected in the chamber it is forced through several screens which filter out particles and dirt. After that, the water is shot straight up into the sky.

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